Meeting strangers on Journey

They say people who we meet in life have the same path we follow, It’s like starting from edge of earth and stopping by each destination where your destiny welcomes you.  Simply we don’t have same aims and goals, just strangers walking by giving each other the positive, negative vibes,

Everyone is running towards their goal; Dream,money, passion, revenge, greed, career, fame, love or maybe everything.

This journey is incredible the moment we step in this world, there’s not always happiness involved; certain obstacles coming in between which makes us more stronger it also has a reason why it’s there, personally I follow what Michael Jackson quoted:

If you enter in this world knowing you are loved and you leave this knowing the same, then everything that happen in between can be dealt with

We have no power entering and exiting from world, we do have one magical moment in between which is our journey we have to control what we want and help others if we have the ability, courage to do.  At the end of the day when we have no name, no identity, No materialism; we are all indeed one, an human species.

A strange feeling intrigue you when you sense something is coming, seeing a person maybe in distance, walking by or someone you heard of and most importantly when you know this person for some time and finally meet in person one day. The fascination meeting them without any purpose you just want to know them, as if you know them already or we could be doing a favor for each other. Some we met and wished we never did, now that’s not bad at all it’s a lesson for us & a step higher to reach in comfort zone.

Sitting in hotspot of wifi, same country with everyday chores doesn’t make your life interesting enough. You got to reach out to the world. If you want your story to be interesting, then embrace the good & bad to meet those fine interesting people’s. Who knows what life you both could be creating together, a business start-up, innovation, changing world, a special relation or leaving an extraordinary message in this universe.  So next time someone asks you for a drink, soothing beer or weekday latte, go for it and don’t think about where it could lead you  but think how high you could reach.

In life never fear from taking risk, this journey is to give & take has much you can. it keeps you going with a reason to be here at first place. Either wise don’t complain how life is treating you, we got to choose our own path and people in your life will guide you for  what you want to hear from truth to bitter.

This is a journey where you meet your soul friends, Business partner, twin flame & guardian angels with spiritual light.


By Wardah Khan

— Posted on February 16, 2015 at 10:18 pm

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