A Pearl of Ocean is not always beautiful as it seems,its the most negative place in the world. It may seem peaceful being in touch with nature and the lovely breeze that almost lifts your soul. Many come to the sea with their mix thoughts where it starts and ends here for some the emotions just stops where you only think what’s in your surroundings.

I was sitting on a bench alone in Mumbai Bandstand Sea hoping to think something that will enlighten my thoughts, somehow the surroundings around me permitted me to think a negative part of my life. My mind converted around me to smile how couples sneak out meeting their lovers sitting in distance holding hands, a lonely young man sitting on rock, few couple far away from public near the sea romancing. my story  a girl looking right ahead in the sea as if finding a key ,where I was almost lost until this poor disable man sliding by on this wheels that almost looked like skateboard, stopped right opposite me introduce himself to everyone and started  singing ‘thoda pyar dedhay sai’ meaning give me little love ‘Old man’ meaning are varies: that brought a smile upon my face how unexpected change it brought to my moment and mood.

A sea is for everyone for the goods and bad it won’t judge you, I’ve heard  throwing negative things in water will free bad aura and for other that will bring luck going near a sea. We should respect the sea and surrounding such as people urinating there, couple romancing as in overrated moving to extreme desperation. They say lots of lost spirits near water who are searching for meaning just like alive people wondering around, most people don’t know why a sea feels so connected.  Its not a place for leisure and dating but a place to understand yourself, just close your eyes feel the wave talking , hear what its saying, feel connected to your soul like its touching you and let go  of all negative sorrow you have and embrace only happiness.

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