About WiKa

Wardah Khan, known as WiKa is a British citizen from London, England. Wardah is a professional actress and model that is skilled in writing. Wardah will be soon launching  her Beauty Brand as a entrepreneur in 2017

Over the years, Wardah has graced magazine covers and has been featured in magazine editorials. She has also been seen in music videos, commercials and in Yahoo Trending News’

Aside from modeling and acting, writing about her experiences in life is Wardah’s other main passion. Wardah usually writes about various topics including love, relationships and spiritualism which feature her unique quotes and poetry that can be found on her blog section. Wardah finds satisfaction and peace in knowing that her writing gives her readers of all ages, from young teens to older generations, a positive outlook on life. Her aim is to inspire, empower and give people the strength to fight their negative thoughts and inner flaws, hoping to show them they’re not alone in this world fighting their problems.

Wardah is known among her friends more for her spiritual conversations and mysterious, outgoing, adventurous personality and great sense of humour than for her risqué appearance. Her unique versatile look can be used to represent many different cultures.

Her goals in life are to become a successful multi-skilled woman and to gain respect in her small world. A few of her dream goals in the future include publishing a book and writing and directing a film.