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18 Feb 2015

Lesson from Fifty Shades of Grey

When the book Fifty shades of grey was released by author Erika James, It was crazy over the newspaper, social media, friends  and overheard two grannies at library : ‘If you want a heart attack read this’  also women’s with high hormone issue’s specially married ones who loved reading this adult book, to build up... (more)

07 Feb 2015

Why Struggle is Power for your Business Mind

Everyone in the world suffer with different problems no matter who they are rich or poor, we all have same desire’s and dream with different stories to share.  Even the richest on this planet can be a unhappy person why? In every way our life is jeopardized, where there’s no full stop to a life.... (more)

15 Jan 2015

The symptom’s of Joy being alone, all alone.

  The symptom’s of Joy being alone, all alone   Alone, all alone, friendless, companion less, with no one to turn to, outcast, forsaken, abandoned, no one to kiss, no one to hold, rejected, but we are loved and wanted no matter how good we feel being alone,  this is the closest to the real world of no fakeness around yourself. We are... (more)

06 Jan 2014

A Never New you If you don’t find Inner Peace

A Never New you if you don’t find Inner peace   Happy Belated New year 2014 😀 Why I’m saying this? Everyday is a new day & surely by now most people’s resolution are half way to spring sleep zzz Every year 1st January people start changing their food habits, going gym promises, changing their... (more)

19 Dec 2013

Strong Soul In weak Body


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Sitting on relaxing couch with my mind roaming near a window, above it I see a busy journey. The bird are flying around worrying about the dawn on way and trying to look for last meal until morning, the tree’s moving along the wind. I see a sea, far distance away but close enough to... (more)

31 Jul 2013

Remembering This Epic Life

Will we remember this epic life?   A question is always raised that do we live again in our next life,  Its simple no one knows.  What I want to tell you this is the moment you should live your life, run around like monkey’s, make you dreams real, leave your job that you hate... (more)

09 Mar 2013

The unexpected beyond the sea


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  A Pearl of Ocean is not always beautiful as it seems,its the most negative place in the world. It may seem peaceful being in touch with nature and the lovely breeze that almost lifts your soul. Many come to the sea with their mix thoughts where it starts and ends here for some the... (more)

26 Feb 2013

Prey’s & Predator in this world


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Prey’s & Predator in this world   The real Prey’s and predators are humans, the animals have no choice but live to feed. In human’s world they are not born for this, for them it can almost seem like a game without a purpose . We live in a world, where the universe cannot decide who... (more)

16 Dec 2012

Yolo! living in the presence is not the success key

Some say: you only live once ‘YOLO’ either say a possibility of second rebirth or maybe you already are living many lives till now, but the point is do we make good use out of it or we doing something which is complete unnecessary? Life is beautiful right? that you just want to fly with... (more)

05 Apr 2012

Spiritual awakening with God

  We always try to find god when we need him,what we don’t know his already there even if we are not aware of it. His like a silent listener, we see nothing, hear nothing, we only feel his presence around us. A relationship with god is very spiritual, no one is pure then god. He see’s,... (more)

25 Feb 2012

Life is a Deja Vu

This world is a like a dream that we can never believe whenever something is good or bad, the illusions that can make you go evil by following the wrong path or a right destiny. that cannot always be the right decision, where only you as a person can decide if the deep thoughts can lead you... (more)