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16 Feb 2015

Meeting strangers on Journey

They say people who we meet in life have the same path we follow, It’s like starting from edge of earth and stopping by each destination where your destiny welcomes you.  Simply we don’t have same aims and goals, just strangers walking by giving each other the positive, negative vibes, Everyone is running towards their... (more)

24 Aug 2014

Fifty Shades: Mr Grey Types of Mens

Fifty shades of Grey are not so erotic like they appear to you, these such only exist in fiction characters where you create a man however you desire. Coming back to our world we are our own audience witnessing these such real life men’s, everything look’s great It’s how they present themselves but can we... (more)

31 Jul 2013

Remembering This Epic Life

Will we remember this epic life?   A question is always raised that do we live again in our next life,  Its simple no one knows.  What I want to tell you this is the moment you should live your life, run around like monkey’s, make you dreams real, leave your job that you hate... (more)